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NPET is different than most equine transportation companies, we do not build loads of multiple horses from different barns and then depart, nor do we pick up horses along the route. We work with one client or one barn at a time – this reduces the amount of time a horse is transit. We work with each client to establish a specific date and time for pick-up and delivery – we eliminate the guess work.

We take pride being on time and delivering on schedule as well as providing enroute updates. We do this through pictures & text messages sent daily and a tracking app called Gylmpse. Clients can down-load the Gylmpse app on their personal cell phone, we add their contact information and then clients can track our daily progress – no more worrying about where your horse is and when we are going to arrive.

NPET provides Local, Regional, National and Dedicated Executive Charters. Our holistic equine transportation services focus on providing personalized services with customized equipment to ensure reduced stress during transport and quicker physical recovery time upon delivery. NPET Services include the following:

  • Coast-to-Coast / long-distance moves
  • Barn-to-barn service, covering all lower 48 states
  • Horse sales, haul in-and-out
  • Race -Track moves
  • Airport pickup and delivery to Quarantine Centers: Miami Fl, and Newburgh, NY (JFK Airport)
  • Horse shows for individual owner or equestrian team
  • Dedicated executive charter services – dedicated service for up to three-months
  • 24 Hour emergency Services to the Marion Dupont Equine Hospital in Leesburg, VA

Our Three Part Process:

  1. Get a Quote
  2. Complete the transportation agreement
  3. Pay deposit

Your booking will be confirmed upon receipt of your signed contract and deposit.


What makes us different than other equine transportation companies?

  • Air ride truck and trailer.
  • WERM flooring – reduces road noise and provide additional comfort for your horses
  • Real-time video monitoring of trailer.
  • Commercial Driver License - A (CDL – A) qualified driver.
  • Driver received training through Texas Horseshoeing school.
  • Driver maintains a Canadian Livestock Transportation Certification.
  • Valid USDOT and MC numbers.
  • Specific date and time for pick-up and delivery.
  • Daily updates from the road.
  • Client Glympse tracking app.
  • A member of “trailguard” that provides Roadside Assistance for Horsemen.
  • Basic insurance policy on each horse while in transport.
  • Answering Services M-F from 0900-1700 Eastern Standard Time.
  • Daily biosecurity disinfected spray and wipe down of trailer with Synbiont Ag Wash.
  • Direct Routes with nightly stops (up to 10 hours).
  • Enroute stops every 3-4 hours.

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