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After years of traveling America’s highways, we know just how rough and at times how brutal the jarring can be on people, horses, and equipment. We have researched and used several different truck & trailer configurations until we determined the optimal set up:

NPET has selected the 4-Star Deluxe Model (8’ wide, 34' Long, 8’ Tall) trailer. Since 1984, 4-Star has been the respected leader in manufacturing the most sophisticated and technologically advanced custom-built horse trailers in the world, like their new "Quiet Ride" trailer. Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 4-Star has established the all-aluminum trailer as the industry standard for ease of maintenance and overall superiority.

The Freightliner M2, 106 Sportchassis truck is a medium duty truck that maximizes uptime, safety, quality, and productivity to lower Real Cost of maintenance. Unlike your average pickup trucks, the M2 truck can be driven well past 500,000 miles. The M2 provides an aerodynamic hood, best-in-class visibility, up to a 55-degree wheel cut, set-back front axle and swept-back bumper allowing for superior maneuverability in tight situations. Maneuverability is critical as many horse farms have very tight quarters to backup or turn around. There are dual 80-gallon aluminum fuel tanks that allow for less fuel stops and straight through driving.

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NPET's 9-Points of Horse Comfort, Safety, and Security:

  1. Air Ride Truck Body.
  2. Air Ride trailer with the quiet ride system.
  3. WERM flooring that reduces road noise and offers added cushion.
  4. Air Trailer Saver Hitch that provides trailer stability control and reduces trailer jerk.
  5.  Insulated trailer roof that provide additional environmental control within the trailer.
  6. Fans installed in each corner of horse compartment.
  7. Loading doors that are 8’ high by 8’ wide for easy loading.
  8. Real-time video monitoring of trailer.
  9. Stall configuration 6 x single stalls or 4 x 1 ½ divided stalls or 3 x box stalls – no additional cost (if available).

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