Nine Points Equine Transportation

How It All Began:

Mark Wisecarver began riding when he was four years old and has had a passion for horses ever since. After retiring from the military, Mark and Michelle bought a small horse farm in Northern Virginia where their two kids started riding at the ages of three and five years old. After 13 years of driving to lessons, clinics, and horse shows - Mark decided he wanted to be a part of the industry as a full-time career and fill a critical service to reduce the environmental stress on horses during transit.

Mark’s focus is on quality of service NOT quantity of horses hauled. His 24 years of military service has taught discipline, patience and attention to detail that translates into taking care of horses, clients, equipment, as well as staying on schedule. Mark’s goal is to focus on one client at a time to ensure their horses have the best transport experience possible.

Mark holds a CDL-A license, attended the Texas Horseshoeing School, maintains a Canadian Livestock Transportation Certification, is certified in Large Animal Emergency Rescue, and attends horsemanship clinics throughout the year. Ongoing Professional development is a must in all professions.


To provide equine owners safe, professional, and customized transportation services that reduce the amount of stress and recovery time on horses by following these basic principles:

  • Equipment - Invest in the best possible equipment that reduces environmental effects on the horse.
  • Driver Knowledge – Continuing professional horsemanship development in order to better understand horse behavior.
  • Quality Assurance - Strive to improve processes, methods, and service delivery each transport.
  • Contingency Planning – On board safety equipment for the horses, truck, and trailer. Additionally, A member of “trailguard” that provides Roadside Assistance for Horsemen.
  • Laws and Regulations
    • Demand accurate and up to date travel documents.
    • Truck and Trailer registered, licensed, and insured. Inspections conducted daily!
    • Completed Driver CDL-A mandatory physical and drug test.

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